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Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A Hydra Data Logger & Acquisition Units

Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A Hydra Data Logger & Acquisition Units

Product Documentation


The Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A Hydra Data Logger & Acquisition Units offer easy portability along with Fluke’s built-in signal conditioning and Universal Input Module at a price to fit your budget. You can easily retrieve data from Fluke Hydra units via the RS-232 interface or through a modem in upload or real-time mode. Channel information and measurement parameters can be setup directly from the front panel or your PC.

Features of  the Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A:

  • Review the min/max and last readings from the front panel
  • Channel 0 accepts standard test leads from the front panel for quick measurements
  • Monitor a selected channel from the front panel
  • Use the Channel function to configure measurement type and range for each individual channel
  • Use the Memory Card Drive (in 2635A only) to store data and instrument configuration on a portable, non-volatile memory card and transfer collected data to your PC for later analysis

General Specifications of the Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A:

  • Channel capacity
    • Analog inputs: 21
    • Digital I/0 and alarm outputs: 12 total
    • Totalizer: 1
  • Measurement rate
    • Slow: 4 Rdgs/s nominal
    • Fast: 17 Rdgs/s nominal (1.5 Rdgs/s for V ac, Hz and Ω inputs nominal)
  • Analog to digital converter
    • Dual slope type, linear to 17 bits
    • Common mode rejection
    • AC: ≥120 dB (50/60 Hz, ±0.1 % max 1 kΩ source imbalance); dc: ≥120 dB
  • Normal mode rejection
    • 53 dB (60 Hz, ±0.1 %)
    • 47 dB (50 Hz, ±0.1 %)
  • Common mode and normal mode voltage maximum: 300V dc or V ac rms (channels 0,1,11) 150V dc or V ac rms (all other inputs)
  • Current measurements: AC or dc current measurements up to 100 mA may be accomplished using the 2620A-101 10 Ω Current Shunt Strip
  • Totalizing input
    • DC coupled, non-isolated, max +30V, min -4 V
    • Max count: 65,535
    • Minimum signal: 2 V peak
    • Threshold: 1.4 V
    • Rate: 0-5 kHz (debounce off)
    • Hysteresis: 500 mV
    • Input debouncing: None or 1.66 ms
  • Digital inputs
    • Threshold: 1.4 V
    • Hysteresis: 500 mV
    • Maximum Input: +30 V, min -4 V; non-isolated

Contact TestWorld today for the best price on the Fluke 2620A, 2625A, 2635A Hydra Data Logger & Acquisition Units. Rental and financing/lease options available.


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