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Our services keep your business humming

From acquiring new equipment to off-loading used test equipment and everything in between, TestWorld offers a variety of services that meet the demanding technology needs of today’s businesses.

Buy Used Test Equipment

Pay 30%-70% less than manufacturers list price buying used test equipment. TestWorld is a growing supplier of used test equipment offering best pricing and support to its customers. TestWorld's inventory is estimated to be at 20,000 assets and is growing daily.

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Sell Used Test Equipment

Earn quick cash for small enterprises or alleviate capital stress by selling your used test equipment to TestWorld. Don't worry about the hassle of shipping as TestWorld representatives will coordinate pick-up, packing, and shipping of the test equipment from your facility.

Steps to Sell My Used Test Equipment

Rent Test Equipment

Short term, immediate requirements for test equipment come up often; instances of equipment failure, project overload, unique testing and many other circumstance make renting test equipment a sought after service. TestWorld offers most of its test equipment for rent, with same day shipping available at great prices.

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Lease/Finance Test Equipment

Leasing and financing test equipment is a common practice among business of all sizes allowing them to better manage cash flow, build credit, and avoid the taxes of capital acquisitions. TestWorld customizes financial plans to help you get the most out your payments and keeping funding protected from taxes.

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Other Services

Consignment Program

TestWorld Inc will sell and distribute your equipment on your behalf and take a commission from the sale. This option can be effective when the product you are selling has a limited market or small number of buyers. Our broad customer base can help you sell your product faster and for higher value returning your inventory dollars to your bottom line.

Warranty Coverage

We match the same warranty as the manufacturers on all the equipment we sell to you. We stand behind our certification process and believe we offer you equipment that is in as good of shape – if not in better shape – as the day it was purchased new.

Asset Recovery & Disposition

We can purchase equipment you wish to remove from your books, allowing you to obtain capital that can be placed back into the business, produce revenue and boost profits. This often also has beneficial tax implications.