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Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Datalogger

Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Datalogger


The Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Datalogger can measure the desired signal according to specific needs and can expand into other applications by adding different amplifier modules. The GL7000 has an optional touch-panel display to allow use as an embedded or stand-alone data logging system. The GL7000 supports a mix of up to 10 signal conditioning modules and a maximum of 112 channels.

The Graphtec GL7000 features trigger alarm function, calculation function, search function, annotation function and message marker function. The data saving function is provided with captured data, data built-in RAM, auto save, ring capturing mode, during data capture and back-up. The GL7000 also features a 5.7″ TFT color LCD monitor. Storage is internal with RAM or externally with SD card.

The Graphtec GL7000 can be controlled by the GL-Connection sofware that is included. The software has convenient functions such as saving data to the PC, replaying captured data, and converting data forms. It is an integrated application software for all GL series dataloggers.

The Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Datalogger is supplied with software that provides excellent control over most GL Series functions. It also provides convenient data transfer and control from your PC to the GL7000, as well as converting measured data into file formats that can be used with spreadsheet applications, data analysis applications, and other software programs. Converted data can be easily processed in electronic spreadsheets and graphs using popular applications such as Excel.

Graphtec GL7000 Features:

  • Attach up to 10 modules
  • Maximum of 112 channels
  • Maximum 1 ​M​Hz sampling rate​ (module dependent)
  • External input/output
  • 5.7″ TFT color LCD monitor
  • GL connection software included
  • Easy PC interface support
  • Built-in RAM

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Available Modules for the Graphtec GL7000:

  • Voltage module
  • Voltage/temperature module
  • High speed voltage module
  • Logic/pulse modules
  • High voltage module
  • Charge module
  • Voltage output module
  • Power measurement module
  • DC strain module


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