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Graphtec GL900 Portable Data Acquisition Datalogger

Graphtec GL900 Portable Data Acquisition Datalogger


​The Graphtec GL900 Portable Acquisition Data Logger is an easy-to-use device with 8 multifunction isolated inputs, capable of performing high-speed simultaneous measurements of voltage, temperature, and various other phenomena.​

Long-term data can be captured directly to built-in 256-MB flash memory or to an external USB memory stick at sampling intervals from 1 ms to 1 min. For high-speed sampling at intervals faster than 1 ms, up to one million data points can be captured to internal RAM.

The Graphtec GL900  reproduces analog X- Y recorder movements and provides the illusion of pen up/pen down movements . It can be operated like an analog X- Y recorder and can also be used as a 4-pen X- Y recorder. The digital data format facilitates post-measurement confirmation of data values and report creation.

​The wide 500 V ​input ​ range enables 100 to 240 VAC power supply voltage waveform measurements. Using logic input and a clamp meter allows ​simultaneous ​ measurement of a device’s power supply voltage and current​, ​with sequential control of various points​.

The Graphtec GL900 Portable Data Acquisition Datalogger is supplied with software that provides excellent control over most GL Series functions. It also provides convenient data transfer and control from your PC to the GL900, as well as converting measured data into file formats that can be used with spreadsheet applications, data analysis applications, and other software programs. Converted data can be easily processed in electronic spreadsheets and graphs using popular applications such as Excel.

Graphtec GL900 Features:

  • Multifunction input
  • High-speed simultaneous sampling on 8 channels
  • 5.7″ color LCD for comprehensive waveform display
  • Maximum 100kHz sampling rate
  • Save data to USB memory sticks
  • Can be used as an X-Y recorder
  • High voltage measurement capabilities
  • Easy PC measurement via USB
  • FTP functions and remote monitoring via Ethernet web serve

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