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Vivax Metrotech VX211-1 Underground Pipe & Cable Locator VX200-4 Transmitter

Vivax Metrotech VX211-1 Underground Pipe & Cable Locator VX200-4 Transmitter

Modes of operation available:

  • Dedicated marker location
  • Dedicated cable/pipe location
  • Simultaneous cable/pipe and marker location allowing the user to trace a line and be warned when a marker, indicating a point of interest such as splice enclosure, is approached


Vivax-Metrotech vLocML2 Underground Locator
The vLocML2 is a multi-purpose cable and pipe locator with a factory installed option to locate various buried passive “EMS markers” as used by utilities.

Vivax-Metrotech locators utilize a permanently mounted lightweight carbon fiber encased antenna, easily identified by the carbon fiber collar near the base of the antenna tube.

The vLocML2 provides the choice of locating any one of eight types of marker. The locator display indicates the marker type being located by both an ICON and a number – the response is indicated by a large circular ball.

Key Features:

  • GPS and Bluetooth Capable
  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction
  • IP54 rating for all weather use
  • Color display
  • High speed processor
  • Multiple location modes with compass orientation
  • Push button and continuous depth/current (feet or meters)
  • Depth Triangulation
  • Normal & modulated audio modes (separately selectable for Power, Radio & Active modes)
  • Signal direction to aid line identification
  • Selectable languages (over 20)
  • Selectable “time off” function
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries (plus new battery management software) over 4x battery life
  • Multiple frequencies (over 70)
  • Optional A-frame and remote antenna
  • MyLocator2 configuration management tool for vLoc Series 2 receivers
  • Location of passive EMS style markers used by utilities to mark underground assets
  • Color coded signal strength indication
  • Dedicated line locate mode
  • Dedicated marker locate mode
  • Simultaneous line and marker locate mode


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