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Advantest R3162 EMI Precompliance Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 8GHz

Advantest R3162 EMI Precompliance Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 8GHz

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The Advantest R3162 EMI Precompliance Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 8GHz offers the measurement capabilities and performance. For various applications, such as Cable TV, EMC measurement and Digital Mobile Communications, the Advantest R3162 can be customized by selection from available options. Basic functions are reinforced so that Advantest R3162 can be used in various fields. For example, the internal automatic calibration function guarantees the total level accuracy of ±1.5dB, level correction factor can be stored in the internal memory, DDS is employed to improve frequency reading accuracy, and frequency span error is lowered to less than 1%. The Advantest R3162 offer wider dynamic range and lower 2nd and 3rd distortion by improving 1dB compression point. As a result of increasing the sweep repetition cycles by improving the synthesized local oscillator, 20 traces/second (typ.) data rewriting becomes possible, enabling far more real-time waveform measurement. High speed GPIB increase, the throughput of automatic measurement.

For EMI precompliance measurement, 6-dB bandwidth filters for 9kHz, 120kHz and 1MHz as well as QP detector are equipped as standard. Optional 200Hz narrow RBW filter can be added. For high-speed time domain measurement function which is indispensable for mobile communications, optional 50µs sweep is effective. By using the double-screen display function, you can specify the rising/falling edge of TDMA waveform and display the magnified image.

The Advantest R3162 EMI Precompliance Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 8GHz has ACP and OBW operation function indispensable for evaluating the transmission characteristic of radio system. With various other functions such as AUTO TUNE, 1Hz resolution frequency counter, dBc/Hz, %AM, and PASS/FAIL test by limit value, the Advantest R3162 series can easily perform several types of measurements. Even for signals which are lower in level than the average noise level, the preamplifier ensures level calibrated, high-accuracy measurement. For measuring the attenuation characteristic of filters or the frequency characteristic of cables, etc., built-in tracking generator is available as option. Because the output level can be set in a wide range, it is possible to measure amplifier gain, frequency response, etc

Advantest R3162 Features:

  • Frequency range : R3162 : 9kHz to 8GHz
  • Signal purity : 105dBc/Hz 20kHz offset 100dBc/Hz 10kHz offset
  • Total level accuracy : Maximum ±1.5dB
  • High-speed GPIB effective for system construction
  • High speed measurement : 20 traces per second
  • 6.5-inch TFT color LCD
  • Built-in frequency counter
  • 3GHz tracking generator (option)
  • Floppy disc for data saving
  • Large numeric display for measurement results
  • In counter and power measurement mode)
  • Input impedance 75Ω model : R3132N

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Advantest R3162 Configurable Options:

  • Narrow-band resolution bandwidth: 30Hz, 100Hz, 300Hz and 200Hz (EMI bandwidth)
  • High-stability frequency reference: Aging rate 1 × 10-7/year
  • High-speed time domain sweep: 50µs/10div. (100ns resolution)
  • Tracking generator : 100kHz to 3GHz