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Yokogawa Datum Y XL120 Portable Data Logger

Yokogawa Datum Y XL120 Portable Data Logger


  • Set Temperature and Voltage Independently for Each Channel
  • All Channels Adopt Universal Insulated Inputs
  • Easy-to-Read Screen Display; Wide View TFT LCD (Even Outdoors)
  • Data Can be Saved at Max Speed of 100 ms
  • Acquire Large Amounts of Data
  • Employs Compact Flash and SD Cards
  • USB Memory Enables Support for a Data Copy Function
  • Supports Remote Data Acquisition
  • Alarm and Math Functions

Yokogawa Datum Y XL120 Applications:

  • Testing and evaluating product temperatures using a thermostatic chamber
  • Regular maintenance of various equipment (electric furnaces, inverter control units, injection molding machines, etc.)
  • Detecting and analyzing the cause of temperature changes associated with the malfunctions of equipment
  • Diagnosing the deterioration of batteries (up to 48 V)
  • Acquiring remote data using an internal LAN

Yokogawa Datum Y XL120 Features:

  • World first in measuring instruments! Obtained IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-1 (ID:01-000273)
  • Portable size (155×155×55mm) and lightweight (approx. 800g) lets you carry with one hand.
  • Wide viewing angle TFT-LCD
  • Best noise resistance performance in the category of handheld instruments.
  • Improves resistance to impact by use of rubber boots (standard accessory).
  • Web server, FTP server/client and e-mail distribution function are equipped as standard
  • Auto set & Auto run function by inserting external memory.
  • Alarm, Statistical operation and external function

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