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Wavetek 4808 Multifunction DMM Calibrator

Wavetek 4808 Multifunction DMM Calibrator

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Meeting the demands of an increasingly varied electrical calibration workload means you must find a calibrator that can reach the performance limits of the latest 7-1/2 and 8-1/2 digit high precision DMMs, while still handling volume throughput of 3-1/2 digit to 6-1/2 digit instruments with efficiency and ease. In the search for accuracy, versatility, safety and ease-of-use you need look no further, because Wavetek 4800- Series calibrators have no equal.

In a single unit, the Model 4800A offers Voltage, Current and Resistance calibration for instruments with scale lengths up to 7-1/2 digits. Yet its fixed build configuration allows us to offer it at a price significantly less than that of comparable multifunction calibrators on the market.

The Wavetek 4808 not only extends workload coverage to 8-1/2 digits, it also offers you a choice of configurations — from DC or AC Voltage only units to full-function DC/AC Voltage, DC/AC Current and Resistance versions. Modular plug-ins provide a continuous upgrade path from one configuration to the next. As far as accuracy is concerned, the Wavetek 4808 is quite simply the best multifunction calibrator you can buy.

Unlike some other multifunction calibrators, 4800-Series calibrators reach the performance limits of your workload without the need for an external power amplifier. Their built-in volt.hertz capability allows them to reach 1100V at 33 kHz or 750V at 100 kHz — essential for calibrating high-end DMMs such as the Solartron 7061 and Wavetek 1271. Their 25 mA DC voltage drive capability maintains accuracy even when calibrating low input impedance voltmeters.

If you do need to extend their output range, we have a wideband option that extends frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 30 MHz, and a transconductance amplifier that delivers DC/AC currents up to 11A.

Both the Model 4800A and 4808 multifunction DMM calibrators deliver DC voltage from zero to –1100V, AC voltage from 90mV to 1100V with frequency availability between 10 Hz and 1 MHz, DC and AC current up to 2A, and decade resistance values between zero and 100 MW — all from a single set of terminals which feature local or remote guarding and 2-wire or 4-wire connections. And they both accept the wideband and transconductance amplifier options which extend their output capabilities to 30 MHz and 11A (dc to 20kHz) respectively.

Their differences lie in their performance, with the Wavetek 4808 Multifunction DMM Calibrator being designed to deliver 1-year uncertainties relative to calibration standards around two times better than the Model 4800A. Coupled with the Model 4808’s unique ability to ‘spot calibrate’ as many as five separate user-defined frequencies for each of its seven AC voltage ranges, this makes it the ‘calibrator of choice’ for calibrating the world’s best 8-1/2 digit high-precision DMMs.

All 4800-Series calibrators feature the same easy-to-use front panel controls — with single key-stroke range and function selection, simple control of output values, and large high-brightness displays for an unambiguous indication of output conditions. Their ability to store and recall any five user-defined frequencies makes ac flatness testing extremely easy. Their offset and error modes provide a direct readout of unit-under-test errors and allow you to compensate an instrument’s zero and gain errors in order to perform precise linearity checks.

And if you want to incorporate 4800-Series calibrators into automated systems, everything you can do from the front-panel (plus several features you can’t access from the front-panel) can be controlled over the IEEE-488 (GPIB) bus.