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Keithley 263 High Accuracy Calibrator/Source

Keithley 263 High Accuracy Calibrator/Source

Product Documentation


The Keithley 263 High Accuracy Calibrator/Source General Specifications:

  • DISPLAY: 51⁄2-digit numeric LEDs with appropriate decimal point and polarity indication; signed two-digit alphanumeric exponent.
  • OUTPUT CONNECTIONS: Two-lug triaxial connector for output; fiveway binding posts for PREAMP OUT, COMMON, and EXT INPUT. All connections on rear panel.
  • PROGRAMS: Menu provides front panel access to IEEE-488 address, Alpha or Numeric Exponent, Digital Calibration, and Temperature Compensation selection.
  • MAX.COMMON MODE VOLTAGE (DC to 60Hz sinewave): 350V peak.
  • ISOLATION (Common to Chassis): >1010Ω paralleled by <500pF.
  • EXT INPUT:Max. Input: 200V peak, 100mA peak. Series Resistance: <1Ω.
  • WARM-UP: 1 hour to rated accuracy.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Operating: 0°–50°C; <70% RH non-condensing, up to 35°C. Storage: –25° to +65°C.
  • POWER: 105–125V or 210–250V (rear panel switch selected), 90–110V available, 50–60Hz, 25VA maximum.
  • DIMENSIONS,WEIGHT: 127mm high × 216mm wide × 359mm deep (5 in × 81⁄2 in × 141⁄8 in). Net weight 3.6kg (8.1 lbs).
  • ACCESSORY SUPPLIED:Model 7024-3 Triax Cable.

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