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Chroma 62000H Series High Power Programmable DC Supply

Chroma 62000H Series High Power Programmable DC Supply


The latest programmable solar array simulator power supply 62000H-S Series released by Chroma provide simulation of Voc (open circuit voltage) up to 1000V and Isc (short circuit current) up to 25A. The 62000H-S provides an industry leading power density in a small 3U high package. The solar array
simulator is highly stable and has a fast transient response design, which are both advantageos to MPPT performance evaluation on PV inverter devices.

The 62000H-S Series have many unique advantages including high speed & precision digitizing measurement circuits with a 100kHz A/D, 25kHz D/A controlled I-V curve and a digital filter mechanism. It can simulate an I-V curve accurately and response the mains ripple eect from the PV inverter. In  ddition, the built-in EN50530/Sandia SAS I-V model in the standalone unit can easily program the Voc, Isc, Vmp, and Imp parameters for I-V curve  imulation, without a PC controller.

The real solar array is influenced by various weather conditions such as irradiation, temperature, rain and shade by trees or clouds, which will affect the I-V curve output. The 62000H-S Series are capable of storing up to 100 I-V curves into the simulator memory, with a programmed time interval range of 1-15,000 seconds. It can simulate the I-V curve from the early morning to nightfall for PV inverter testing or dynamic I-V curve transient testing.

The  62000H-S Series have a built-in 16 bit digital control and precision voltage & current measurement circuits with a voltage accuracy of 0.05% +  .05% F.S. and a current accuracy of 0.1% + 0.1% F.S.. It is ideal for real time MPPT analysis and tracking monitoring for PV inverters through our  oftpanel. The user can also enable the data recording function on the softpanel during the static MPPT performance test.

When high power solar array simulation is required, it is common to connect two or more power modules in parallel. The 62000H-S Series with a current range up to 25A and a voltage range up to 1000V offers a high power density envelope maximum of 15kW in a 3U package. It can easily parallel up to ten units in a Master/Slave configuration to provide 150kW with current sharing and synchronized control signals for commercial utility PV inverter (10kW ~100kW) testing. The 62000H-S Series supplies have a smart Master/Slave control mode that makes the parallel operation fast and simple. In this mode, the master scales values and downloads data to slave units so that the programming is as simple as using a standalone unit.

The 62000H-S Series dc power supplies are very easy to operate from the front panel keypad or from the remote controller via USB/RS232/RS485/ APG (standard) and GPIB & Ethernet (optional). Its compact size (3U) makes it ideal for both benchtop and standard racking.

Features of the Chroma 62000H:

  •  Voltage range : 0 ~ 900V
    • Current range : 0 ~ 400A
    • Power Range : 15KW
  •  3U/15kW high power density module with
    easy master/slave parallel operation up to
  •  Fast transient response solar array simulation
  •  Simulation of multiple solar cell material
  • High power density (15KW in 3U)
  • Easy Master / Slave parallel & series operation up to 150KW
  • Precision V&I Measurements
  • High-speed programming
  • Voltage & Current Slew Rate Control
  • Digital encoder knobs, keypad and function keys
  • Current sharing operation
  • Voltage ramp function (time range: 10 ms ~ 99 hours)
  • Auto Sequencing Programming: 10 Programs / 100 Sequences
  • OVP, Current Limit, Thermal protection
  • Standard Analog Programming interface
  • Standard USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
  • Optional GPIB / Ethernet interface
  • Remote output ON/OFF (I/P)
  • Remote sense line drop compensation
  • LabView and Labwindows
  • CE Certified

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