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Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set

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The 3920 is the latest radio test solution from Aeroflex (formerly IFR) for engineering, production and field service applications. The instrument provides a comprehensive range of general purpose analog measurement facilities as well as advanced digital test options. The Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set includes many standard features as well as a host of optional test capabilities and digital personalities.

To make you more productive, the Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 is not only simple to use but has features that makes testing a radio quick and repeatable. The Aeroflex 3920 features easy-to-read meters with Pass/Fail color coding for instant Go/NoGo testing. With these easy-to-configure meters, you can set up unique Pass/Fail parameters for each radio type that you are testing. When used with the save/recall locations, this allows for instant recall of the test parameters, so semi-technical or non-technical individuals can simply key the radio and test. The meters will display “Green” for good, “Red” for high and “Blue” for low. A quick glance and the operator will know that the radio is within established test parameters.

Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 Features:

  • 1 GHz frequency range
  • High performance FM/AM/SSB analog duplex test capabilities
  • Sensitive receiver with built-in pre-amp for off air measurements
  • Color coded pass/fail results
  • -140 dBm (typical) DANL spectrum analyzer with 8 markers
  • Dual-Channel oscilloscope to 4 MHz
  • Full audio analysis for AF level, frequency, SINAD and distortion measurements
  • Three high accuracy audio modulators/function generators
  • Three high accuracy audio baseband generators
  • Tone encode and decode functionality including DTMF, DCS, tone remote, 2-tone sequential, and 5/6-tone
  • GPIB, Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • HP/Agilent 8920B remote emulation

Contact TestWorld Inc. to get the best pricing on a used/refurbished Aeroflex (IFR) 3920 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set. Rental and lease options available.

Configurable Options for the Aeroflex (IFR) 3920:

  • 390XOPT051 Site Monitoring Application
  • 390XOPT054 IQ Gen Modulation (for IQ Creator waveforms)
  • 390XOPT055 Audio Analyzer
  • 392XOPT058 2.7 GHz Frequency Range Extension Option
  • 390XOPT059 Auto-Test II Analog
  • 390XOPT060 Harmonics & Spurious Measurements
  • 390XOPT061 Tracking Generator
  • 390XOPT064 Analog Duplex Power Between Markers
  • 390XOPT090 Chinese GUI
  • 390XOPT110 TETRA MS (Mobile Station Testing)
  • 390XOPT111 TETRA BS (Base Station Testing)
  • 390XOPT112 TETRA DM (Direct Mode Testing)
  • 390XOPT114 TETRA Energy Economy Mode (Requires 390XOPT110)
  • 390XOPT115 Auto-Test II TETRA
  • 390XOPT200 P25 Conventional Operation (with DES OFB Type III)
  • 390XOPT201 P25 Trunking Operation VHF/UHF/700/800 MHz (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT204 LSM Generate and Receive/Analysis (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT206 P25 Control Channel Logger Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT207 SmartZone and SMARTNET Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT209 KVL Keyloader Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT210 Analog Simulcast Option (Requires 390XOPT055)
  • 390XOPT212 Explicit Mode Trunking (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
  • 390XOPT213 Unit to Unit Call (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT201 and 390XOPT212)
  • 390XOPT214 Adjacent Channel Broadcast Message (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
  • 390XOPT215 Secondary Control Channel Broadcast Message (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
  • 390XOPT218 Auto-Test II for P25 Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT219 X2-TDMA Test Suite (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201) – (Available through Motorola Only)
  • 390XOPT220 Phase II Two-Slot Time Division Multiple Access Physical Layer (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT230 Off Air Monitor Software for P25 Message Logging – Protocol Analysis Tool (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT206)
  • 390XOPT240 P25 AES Encryption (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT245 X2-TDMA Mobile Emulator (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201) – (Available through Motorola only)
  • 390XOPT250 Occupied Bandwidth for P25 (Requires 390XOPT200)
  • 390XOPT260 P25 Performance Test Triggers
  • 390XOPT261 X2-TDMA Advanced Test Suite – Combines
  • 390XOPT219 and 390XOPT245 (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT201 and 390XOPT219) – (Available through Motorola Only)
  • 390XOPT300 Motorola HPD Testing Option (Available through Motorola Only)
  • 390XOPT301 Motorola HPD Advanced Analysis Package (Available through Motorola Only)
  • 390XOPT302 Motorola HPD Testing Suite Combines 390XOPT300 and 390XOPT301
  • 390XOPT303 Auto-Test II for HPD Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT300)
  • 390XOPT400 DMR (MOTOTRBO) ETSI 102-361
  • 390XOPT401 Auto-Test II for DMR Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT400)
  • 390XOPT402 DMR XML Channel Logger Option (Requires 390XOPT400)
  • 390XOPT420 dPMR – ETSI 102-490
  • 390XOPT421 Auto-Test II for dPMR Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT420)
  • 390XOPT422 dPMR Control Channel Logger Option (Requires 390XOPT420)
  • 390XOPT440 NXDN
  • 390XOPT441 Auto-Test II for NXDN Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT440)
  • 390XOPT460 ARIB T98
  • 390XOPT461 Auto-Test II for ARIB T98 Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT460)
  • 390XOPT600 Motorola ASTRO 25 Series Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)
  • 390XOPT601 Motorola ASTRO Series Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)
  • 390XOPT602 Motorola ASTRO 25 Series XTL Power Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT600, 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218, 392XOPT053 and AC24011)
  • 390XOPT603 TIA/EIA-603 Land Mobile Test Software (Requires 390XOPT059)
  • 390XOPT604 Motorola APX Series Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218; requires AC24011 for mobile power alignment)
  • 390XOPT606 EF Johnson ES Series Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)
  • 390XOPT607 BK DPHX5102X Series Radio Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT201)
  • 390XOPT608 Kenwood P25 TK-5X10G Series Radio Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)
  • 390XOPT610 MOTOTRBO Radio Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT400, 390XOPT401)
  • 390XOPT614 Technisonics Type 1 Radio Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)
  • 390XOPT615 Technisonics Type 2 Radio Auto-Test/Alignment Software (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT218)