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Agilent/HP 54100D 1GHz 2CH 40MSa/s Oscilloscope

Agilent/HP 54100D 1GHz 2CH 40MSa/s Oscilloscope


Agilent/HP 54100D Features & Specifications:

Keysight 54110D Digitizing Oscilloscope is a 1 GS/s, two-channel digitizing oscilloscope with a memory depth of 8 k samples per channel. The Keysight 54110D retains all of the key features and user friendliness of the 54100/110 Oscilloscopes…such as automatic measurements, auto-scaling, cursors, and a functional color display.

Plus, Keysight 54110D adds features necessary for controlling and managing the added memory depth, such as scroll, zoom, and memory bar. Other features include 500MHz repetitive bandwidth (250MHz single-shot), up to 8-bits of vertical resolution, pre-trigger information, and complex triggering capabilities.

Agilent/HP 54100D Features

  • Bandwidth 500 MHz
  • Number of Channels 2 ch
  • Simultaneous Channels 2 ch
  • Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch 400 MSa/s
  • One ch. only max. sampling rate  400 MSa/s
  • Max. Record Length 501 pt/sec
  • Min. Vertical Sensitivity 5 mV/div
  • Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 5 V/div
  • Rise time 3.5 ns
  • Number of Bits 8 bits

Agilent/HP 54100D Specifications

  • Frequency Range/ Bandwith 1 GHz
  • Max. Vertical Sensitivity 1 V/div
  • Min. Vertical Sensitivity 10 mV/div
  • Number of Channels 2 CH
  • Record Length 1000 pts.
  • Sample Rate 40 MSa/s
  • Type (D/A) Digital


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