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Keysight – M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Keysight – M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Key Features & Specifications


  • AWG with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density
  • Sample rate up to 65 GSa/s
  • High channel density: 1, 2 or 4 channels per module
  • Built-in frequency and phase response calibration


  • 20 GHz analog bandwidth
  • Up to 1 Vpp(se) or 2 Vpp(diff.) output amplitude
  • Up to 32 GBaud signals and beyond

Pre-configurations, consisting of

  • M8195A AWG
  • AXIe chassis &
  • embedded controller or external PC connectivity

are available under M8195S.

Key Applications

As devices and interfaces become faster and more complex, the M8195A AWG gives you the versatility to create the signals you need for digital applications, optical and electrical communication, advanced research, wideband radar and satcom.

  • Coherent optical – a single M8195A module can generate 2 independent I/Q baseband signals (dual polarization = 4 channels) at up to 32 GBaud and beyond
  • Multi-level / Multi-channel digital signals – generate NRZ, PAM4, PAM8, DMT, etc. signals at up to 32 Gbaud. Embed/De-embed channels, add Jitter, ISI, noise and other distortions
  • Physics, chemistry and electronics research – generate any mathematically defined arbitrary waveforms, ultra-short yet precise pulses and extremely wideband chirps
  • Wideband RF/µW – generate extremely wideband RF signals with an instantaneous bandwidth of DC to 20 GHz for aerospace/defense/communication applications


New Arbitrary Waveform Generator with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density. Flexible signal generation at up to 32 Gbaud. Clean and distorted signal to stress the device to the limits.
High speed AWG with up to 65 GSa/s sample rate and 20 GHz bandwidth on up to 4 channels per module. The Keysight M8195A arbitrary waveform generator offers an output amplitude of up to 2 Vpp(diff.) and adjustable DC offset. Multi-channel operation with up to 16 channels per 5-slot AXIe chassis is supported. Go where you have never been able to test before: in speed, in bandwidth and in channel density – explore your possibilities.

Additional Information:

The M8195A is also available in a system bundle M8195S, which is dynamically configured depending on the required number of channels.
In addition to the module itself, an AXIe chassis, embedded controller or external PC connectivity will automatically be added and the system is shipped pre-configured.


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