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Rohde & Schwarz – AMIQ04 I/Q Modulation Generator

Rohde & Schwarz – AMIQ04 I/Q Modulation Generator


The I/Q Modulation Generator AMIQ and the Simulation Software WinIQSIM open up new dimensions for the generation of I/Q signals. The AMIQ is a dual-channel modulation generator that has consequently been designed for use as an I/Q source. It is programmed and set with the Software WinIQSIM. The AMIQ outputs I/Q baseband signals or even can generate an IF signal (up to 25 MHz). Each channel can store 16 000 000 samples. Even at high symbol rates sequences of sufficient length can thus be generated. With clock frequencies of up to 100 Msample/s and a high amplitude resolution of 14 bits (16 bits resolution with digital output, option AMIQ-B3), AMIQ is the ideal source for any signal in the world of digital modulation. An automatic amplitude/offset alignment as well as fine adjustment of the skew provide excellent symmetry of the two channels which previously was extremely difficult to attain with dual-channel ARB generators. The error vector can thus be minimised. A typical application of AMIQ and WinIQSIM is not only to drive the I/Q inputs of a vector signal generator but also for baseband applications, e.g. for testing I/Q modulators/demodulators.

The Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ04 IQ Modulation Generator, opens up new dimensions for the generation of I/Q signals. It is a dual-channel modulation generator that has consequently been designed for use as an I/Q source.

Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ04 Features:

  • 14-bit resolution (up to 16 bits via digital I/Q output)
  • 16 000 000 samples memory depth
  • 100 MHz sample rate
  • Intergrated hard disk and FDD
  • Optional BER measurement
  • Optional differential I/Q outputs
  • Optional digital I/Q output

Other features and specifications include:

  • 14-bit resolution
  • Excellent ACP
  • 100 MHz sample rate
  • Fine adjustment of I/Q skew
  • 78 dB ACP dynamic range (typical of 3GPP FDD)
  • Integrated hard disk and floppy drive
  • BER Measurement (w/ option B1)
  • 4,000,000/16,000,000 sample memory depth
  • Generation of broadband digital communication signals (WCDMA, HiperLAN2, IEEE 802.11a)
  • Downloading of calculated waveforms and signals also from integrated  floppy disk drive
  • Auto-alignment and additional user correction of amplitude and offset
  • Wide dynamic range through the use of 14-bit D/A converter, ideal for multicarrier applications

WinIQSIM software is a Windows program for calculating I and Q baseband signals allows simple generation of complex modulation signals. Functionality ranges from single-carrier modulation, generation of multicarrier, CDMA and WCDMA signals through to TDMA frame configuration with the help of convenient data editor. All modulation parameters and impairments can be simulated for single-carrier, multicarrier as well as for CDMA signals. Complex modulation signals can be generated, such as WCDMA 3GPP, which is similar to QPSK, or 8PSK EDGE modulation with 3?/8 shifting for the EDGE enhancement in the GSM standard. OFDM for HIPERLAN/2, where a data stream is transferred via a large number of carriers is a special modulation format that can also be generated.


High Flexibility
100 MHz sample rate
16 MSamples memory depth
Integrated hard disk and floppy disk drive
14-bit resolution (16 bit with optional digital output AMIQ-B3)
IF generation up to 25 MHz
Multi carrier simulation
Optional Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement (AMIQ-B1)
Import of user waveforms


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