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Audio Precision SYS-2702 2-Channel Analog Audio Analyzer/Generator

Audio Precision SYS-2702 2-Channel Analog Audio Analyzer/Generator


The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need high performance, low distortion and flexibility in their audio analyzer. With the Programmable Serial Interface Adapter (PSIA), it is a powerful solution for high-end converter and other chip designers.

The 2722’s true dual domain architecture enables extraordinary performance in measuring both analog and digital signals. The analog generator and analyzer performance surpasses that of any purely digital converter-based designs, while digital analysis techniques offer a wide array of precise, high-speed measurement techniques for either domain. Cross-domain work can be accomplished using the best of both worlds.

Key Features for the Audio Precision SYS-2702 :

  • Dedicated analog circuitry for vanishingly low residual noise and THD+N
  • 192 kHz digital input and output capabilities
  • Generates and analyzes a broad palette of stimulus signals such as MLS, white and pink noise and other special purpose waveforms
  • Extensive API automation with AP Basic scripting and “learn mode”, LabVIEW driver and an IEEE.488 GPIB interface
  • User-defined sweeps, switcher support up to 192 channels


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