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Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

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The Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) are microprocessor controlled Vector Network Analyzers. Each is a single-instrument system that contains a built-in signal source, a test set, and an analyzer subsystem. A typical model is shown in Figure 1-1. These analyzers are produced in five models that cover a range of from 22.5 MHz to 65 GHz. The table at left lists the frequencies for each model.

RELATED MANUALS: The Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Operation Manual (10410-00180) describes the front panel operation for all  models. It also contains general information, specifications, and Performance Verification procedures for all models.

SERVICE STRATEGY: This paragraph provides an overview of the Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer  VNA) service strategy and available service facilities. It also provides references to the information in various locations in this manual needed to accomplish the service functions required for This model.

Appendices – Refer to the Appendices at the rear of this manual for detailed descriptions of the following:

  • Diagnostics Menus and GPIB Commands.
  • Error Messages.
  • System Block Diagrams.
  • Parts Locator Diagrams.

Functional Assembly Level Troubleshooting:  The Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) modular design, extensive built-in diagnostics, and automated service tools are designed to support fast exchange of functional assembly level repairs. Failed assemblies are not field repairable. Once an assembly is found to be faulty, it should be returned to an authorized ANRITSU Service Center for exchange. Refer to the description of the Exchange Assembly Program in Chapter 2, Replaceable Parts.

The procedures for troubleshooting a failed This model are described in this manual in Chapter 5, Troubleshooting.

Internal Hardware Adjustments and Calibrations: There are five automated internal hardware field calibrations. Two of them are used to characterize This model’s frequency and power generation sub-systems. These calibrations insure fast, consistent phase lock of system frequencies and proper compensation, leveling, and flatness of system power at the front panel test ports.

To conduct these calibrations, you need only connect the appropriate test equipment (counter or power meter) to This model and initiate
the calibration. This model will control itself and the externally connected test equipment to perform measurements and store calibration
constants in its internal battery backed RAM (BBRAM). The procedures for adjusting This model are described in this manual in Chapter 6, Adjustments.
Internal Service Log:  The Anritsu 37277B 50 GHz Microwave Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) continuously monitors itself for proper operation. Should a failure occur, it notifies the user via a failure message on the display screen. (In remote-only operation, it also sets the GPIB Status Byte, if enabled.) It also writes the error message along with some data pertinent to the failure to an internal service log stored in battery backed memory.

The service log can be checked at any time to view (without erasing) all error messages that were written into it. It is capable of storing more than 30 pages of service messages and data. This model will automatically remove the oldest errors first to make room for new errors,
if necessary. To check the contents of the service log, use the procedure described in Chapter 3, Operational Tests.


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