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Aeroflex (IFR) 2975 P25 Wireless Radio Test Set (Project 25)

Aeroflex (IFR) 2975 P25 Wireless Radio Test Set (Project 25)

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The NEW Standard for P25 Testing Since 1976, Aeroflex has provided cutting-edge test solutions to the mobile radio industry. Aeroflex carries on that tradition with the IFR 2975 P25 Wireless Radio Test Set. It’s a test solution designed from the ground up to handle today’s advanced communication applications.

  • Project 25 parametric, protocol and Common Air Interface testing
  • IMBE vocoder and data encryption tests
  • Modulation and demodulation of C4FM and CQPSK
  • AES and DES OFB Type III encryption/decryption support
  • Exclusive standard C4FM Modulation Fidelity meter and CQPSK EVM option allows for true transmitter alignment

Exclusive P25 Test Features on the Aeroflex (IFR) 2975:

  • New Explicit Messaging Option
  • New Adjacent Status Broadcast Messaging
  • P25 Trunking Emulation
  • Exclusive P25 Inbound Signaling Packet (ISP) Decode Function
  • New Unit to Unit and PSTN Interconnect Option for Explicit Messaging
  • Exclusive P25 Outbound Signaling Packet (OSP) Message Programmer
  • Full TIA/EIA-102 Test Patterns
  • AES and DES OFB Type III Encryption
  • CQPSK Transmit and Receive
  • CQPSK EVM and Constellation Display Exclusive SmartNetTM/SmartZoneTM Tests
  • Control Channel Assignment to P25 or SmartNetTM/SmartZoneTM Traffic Channel

Aeroflex (IFR) 2975 Test Set Options:

  • PassPort Option: provides the latest features for testing PassPort radios and repeaters. This includes the new VHF PassPort functions being deployed.
  • Explicit Messaging Option: supports explicit messaging for trunked VHF/UHF radio systems that use this extended messaging for the latest P25 trunking systems.
  • SCCB Messaging Option: supports the Secondary Control Channel Broadcast message for either explicit or normal P25 trunked operation. The addition of this feature allows the user to set up simulated control channels to verify how P25 radios switch over to secondary control channels.
  • Adjacent Status Broadcast Messaging Option: supports the Adjacent Channel Broadcast message for explicit P25 trunked operation. The addition of this feature allows the user to set up a simulated adjacent control channel to verify how P25 radios switch over to adjacent control channels in roaming modes. • Unit to Unit and PSTN Interconnect Option: supports Unit to Unit and PSTN interconnect calls in the explicit mode of operation. This feature allows users to verify that a radio can generate and receive Unit to Unit and PSTN calls.
  • Advanced Encryption Systems (AES) Option: Includes support for higher security features as well as continued support for the current Digital Encryption System (DES) Type III used in existing P25 systems.
  • Control Channel Logging Option: This exclusive feature for P25 trunked operations allows users to verify conformance with various P25 radio systems offered by a number of different manufacturers.
  • P25 Trunking Protocol Option: With the ability to optionally set P25 OSP messages for control channel and decode ISP messages from user radios, the IFR 2975 verifies protocol operation of radios on P25 networks.
  • VHF/UHF and 800 MHz SmartNet™/SmartZone™ Option: Support for SmartNet™/SmartZone™ Motorola trunked radio system testing.
  • 900 MHz Band Option: Support for SmartNet™/SmartZone™ systems used in commercial business applications.
  • LTR Trunking Option: Support for both repeater simulator and mobile simulation.
  • 0 – 40 kHz Audio Analyzer Option: Support for extended audio analysis.
  • Analog Simulcast Option: Allows for fast alignment of analog simulcast systems.
  • BER Tests Option: Allows for TX BER as well as RX BER measurements using a defined serial connection.
  • Auto-Test Application Option: Speeds testing and logging of test results on analog and P25 conventional radio systems.

P25 Trunking Test Gives Flexibility to P25 Radio Testing With the optional P25 Trunking application, the Aeroflex (IFR) 2975 P25 Wireless Radio Test Set now provides test professionals the ability to quickly and dynamically test P25 mobile subscriber units operating in the VHF/UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. The Aeroflex (IFR) 2975 provides the required P25 control channel with user defined parameters for Unit/Group call procedures including the exclusive ability to set downlink OSP control channel message elements and to decode the uplink ISP messages for use in verification of mobile interoperability. With P25 Trunking (Options 4 and 14), the user can initiate tests without the need to go through a predetermined test sequence. These tests include transmitter verification of performance and receiver sensitivity tests that are separate, easy tests. With the IFR 2975’s exclusive “meter panel”, test times for subscriber units can be reduced to less than 30 seconds!


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