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Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 300 kHz – 8 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 300 kHz – 8 GHz Vector Network Analyzer


The Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 comes in 2- and 4-Port Configurations – please specify when ordering. See below for additional options and configurations.

The Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 is the high-end class of the Rohde & Schwarz network analyzers. It combines operating ease and high measurement speed uniformly implemented in the R&S ZVA, R&S ZVB, and R&S ZVT with exceptional RF characteristics, a wide scope of functions, and high flexibility.

Short technology cycles and project-dependent requirements mean that investments need to be made with a strong focus on flexibility and future-readiness. At the same time, measurement tasks are becoming more complex and require higher measurement precision. The R&S ZVA family of vector network analyzers meets these demands by providing excellent measurement speed, dynamic range and measurement precision as a solid basis. A variety of measurement capabilities build on this solid base to allow the characterization of various components and modules. Complex measurements are supported by measurement wizards to shorten the setup and calibration time and reduce the probability of operator errors.

The Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 300 kHz – 8 GHz Vector Network Analyzer hardware platform with up to four independent signal sources and two independent receivers per test port is the right base for future measurement requirements and secure investments.

Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 Features:

  • Linear and nonlinear amplifier and mixer measurements
  • Noise figure measurements
  • Pulse profile measurements with 12.5 ns resolution
  • True differential measurements for reliable characterization of active devices with balanced ports
  • High measurement throughput
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Easy and error-free calibration

Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 Specifications:

  • Connection Type: N-Type Female
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz
  • Measurement Bandwidth: 1 Hz – 1 MHz
  • Measurement Points: 1 – 60,001
  • Number of Tracer (per diagram area): 20
  • Dynamic Range (without optional step attenuators and without optional direct generator/receiver access):
    • 300 kHz to 50 MHz: >100 dB, typ. 110 dB
    • 50 MHz to 100 MHz: >120 dB, typ. 130 dB
    • 100 MHz to 4 GHz: >130 dB, typ. 140 dB
    • 4 GHz to 7 GHz: >125 dB, typ. 135 dB
    • 7 GHz to 8 GHz: >120 dB, typ. 130 dB

    Dynamic range at optional measurement input (direct generator/receiver access option):

    • 300 kHz to 10 MHz:  typically > 125 dB
    • 10 MHz to 100 MHz: typically > 135 dB
    • 100 MHz to 8 GHz: typically > 145 dB

Contact TestWorld to get the best pricing on a used/refurbished Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 300 kHz – 8 GHz Vector Network Analyzer. Rental, rent-to-own and financing/lease options available.

Rohde & Schwarz ZVA8 Configurable Options:


  • R&S ZVA8-B4: Oven Quartz (OCXO)
  • R&S ZVA8-B14: Universal Interface
  • R&S ZVA8-B16: Direct Generator/Receiver Access
  • R&S ZVA8-B21: Generator Step Attenuator, Port 1
  • R&S ZVA8-B22: Generator Step Attenuator, Port 2
  • R&S ZVA8-B23: Generator Step Attenuator, Port 3
  • R&S ZVA8-B24: Generator Step Attenuator, Port 4
  • R&S ZVA8-B31: Receiver Step Attenuator, Port 1
  • R&S ZVA8-B32: Receiver Step Attenuator, Port 2
  • R&S ZVA8-B33: Receiver Step Attenuator, Port 3
  • R&S ZVA8-B34: Receiver Step Attenuator, Port 4


  • R&S ZVA8-K2: Time Domain (TDR)
  • R&S ZVA8-K4: Frequency Conversion
  • R&S ZVA8-K5: Vector Corrected Mixer Measurements
  • R&S ZVA8-K6: True Differential Measurements
  • R&S ZVA8-K7: Pulsed Measurements
  • R&S ZVA8-K9: Embedded LO Mixer Delay Measurements
  • R&S ZVA8-K10: Long Distance Group Delay Measurement
  • R&S ZVA8-K17: 5 MHz Receiver Bandwidth
  • R&S ZVA8-K27: Two internal pulse generators
  • R&S ZVA8-K30: Noise Figure Measurement
  • R&S ZVA8-K31: Frequency Converting Noise Figure Measurements
  • R&S ZVA8-B7: Pulsed Measurements