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Fluke 192-3 60MHz 2CH 500MSa/s Scopemeter

Fluke 192-3 60MHz 2CH 500MSa/s Scopemeter



ScopeMeter 190 Series : All this power in your hand!
ScopeMeter 190C and 190B Series have specifications you typically only find on high-end bench oscilloscopes. They offer up to 200 MHz bandwidth for capturing high frequency signals, as found in today’s state-of-the-art electronics, 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling and advanced memory and triggering functions. They’re rugged, compact and battery powered.


  • Four hours rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack
  • Up to 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling per input
  • Up to 1000 V independently floating isolated inputs
  • 1000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III safety certified
  • High resolution Color display
  • Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis using FFT
  • Dual-input – 200, 100 or 60 MHz bandwidth
  • High waveform resolution of 3,000 datapoints per channel (NEW)
  • Connect-and-View automatic triggering and a full range of manual trigger modes
  • Digital Persistence for analyzing complex dynamic waveforms like on an analog scope
  • Fast display update rate for seeing dynamic behavior instantaneously
  • 27,500 points per input record length using ScopeRecord mode
  • Waveform reference for visual comparisons and automatic pass/fail testing of waveforms
  • Vpwm function for motor drive and frequency inverter applications
  • TrendPlot paperless chart recorder for trend analysis up to 22 days


Inputs and digitizers 2 plus external / DMM input
Independently floating isolated inputs Up to 1000 V between inputs, references and ground
Timebase range 5 ns – 2 min/div
10 ns – 2 min/div (192B)
Input sensitivity 190C Models: 2 mV-100 V/div
Trigger types 190C Models: Connect-and-View, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Delay, Video,
Selectable pulse width and External
Dual slope trigger and Event trigger (n-cycle)
Glitch capture 50 ns (5 ┬Ás/div – 1 min/div)
Scope measurements Cursor: 7
Automatic: 30
Maximum record length ScopeRecord mode: 27,500 pts per input
Scope mode: 3,000 pts per input
Memory Screens + Setups: 15
Replay + Setups: 2
Display 190C Models: 144 mm full color LCD with fast update rate
Persistence 190C Models: Digital persistence giving analog oscilloscope-like waveform decay
Waveform Compare 190C Models: Waveform reference with automatic Pass/Fail testing


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