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Anritsu MU909011A Optical Fault Locator Module for SM 780/1550 nm Wavelength

Anritsu MU909011A Optical Fault Locator Module for SM 780/1550 nm Wavelength


Until now, the right tool just didn’t exist for cost effectively testing short fibres. Handheld OTDRs and Fault Locators lacked the resolution and specifications to find issues in such short spans while mini-OTDRs were too large, too expensive and too complicated.

The new MU909011A OTDR Module for SM 780/1550 nm Wavelength for the MT9090A from Anritsu finally addresses this need by providing all of the features and performance required for installation and maintenance of short fibres in a compact, modular test set. The MT9090A represents an unmatched level of value and ease of use, while not compromising performance. Data sampling of five centimeters and deadzones of less than one meter, ensure accurate and complete fibre evaluation while a simple testing sequence requires only one key press to initiate – allowing anyone to make error-free measurements.

The Anritsu MU909011A Optical Fault Locator Module for SM 780/1550 nm Wavelength represents a new era in drop cable and premise testing. Its ease of use, low price, high-resolution and size makes this the perfect product for “last mile” testing.

  • Small but Capable
    Despite its small size, the MT9090A does not compromise performance or features. With a high resolution indoor/outdoor display, excellent optical performance, innovative features and expandable modular design, the MT9090A Network Master is clearly in a different class than most other “handheld OTDRs”.
  • An OTDR with <1 m Dead Zone for Short Fibre Analysis
    With less than 1 m dead zones, the MT9090A is perfect for evaluating central office, FTTx and intra building cables.
  • Integrated Launch Fibre
    To further simplify testing, the MU909011A has 10 m (30 ft) of fibre built-in so initial fibre connections can be verified without the need for additional patchcords or launch fibres.
  • Full Trace View
    The user can also select to view the full trace for additional information or to initiate real time testing.
  • Event Table with User Defined Thresholds
    PASS/FAIL thresholds for key acceptance criteria such as splice loss, reflectance and total span loss can be set in the MT9090A allowing technicians to easily assess a fibre’s condition. Failing values are clearly highlighted in the event table alerting technicians of potential problems.
  • Modular Design
    The MT9090A features a modular design allowing modules to be easily changed in the field. Users can interchange different wavelength fault locator modules or perform other optical network testing such as optical channel analysis with the available CWDM channel analyzer module. Operation is quite similar between modules so the user is immediately familiar with operation.
  • A Unique Approach to In-Service Maintenance
    Since multiple users share the common feed fibre, FTTx maintenance becomes difficult when only one or two users are down. Traditionally, 1625 nm or 1650 nm wavelengths were used to test active fibres however these wavelengths typically need costly WDM couplers and filters in the network. As a unique approach to this, Anritsu also offers a 780 nm Fault Locator module that can be used to troubleshoot in-service FTTx networks without costly filters and without disruption to other customers. This offers a clear advantage over PON specific power meters that only verify signal presence but still rely on an additional OTDR or fault locator to locate the cause. With the MT9090A, one box does it all!
  • Video Inspection Probe Support
    When equipped with the optional connector video inspection probe (VIP), the MU909011A becomes a powerful tool for evaluating connector cleanliness and quality. Connector end faces can be safely viewed and images stored to document all aspects of your network.

Anritsu MU909011A Features:

  • Unique, purpose-built solution for short fiber applications such as FTTx drop cables, intrabuilding cabling and wireless towers
  • Exclusive, integrated launch fiber provides accurate initial connector measurement without external devices
  • High resolution, widescreen color display that is easy to read indoors or out
  • Fixed parameters simplify operation and ensure proper set-up – just press “START”
  • Automated testing sequence with clear GO/NO GO results
  • High resolution and extremely short deadzones ensure thorough short fiber evaluation
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • Modular platform ensures maximum return on investment
  • Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability in the field
  • Complete FTTX maintenance tool — verify power levels and fault locate with one tool
  • Unique 780nm wavelength for in-service maintenance of PONs without filters
  • Priced right for widespread technician deployment

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