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Voltech PM6000 Precision Power Analyzer

Voltech PM6000 Precision Power Analyzer

Product Documentation


The PM6000 Precision Power Analyzer provides definitive measurements of all electrical power quantities on all products that consume, convert or generate electrical power. The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement know-how with the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve power measurement problems.

Voltech PM6000 Applications:

  • Power Transformers: Power transformers are characterized under open-circuit and short-circuit conditions. Open-circuit, the power factor of the transformer is close to zero (<0.01), which demands very low phase error, from the power analyzer. The analog design of the PM6000 ensures that its voltage and current channels are carefully matched, providing optimum performance at low power factors.
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Machines: The versatile Voltech PM6000 will make simultaneous measurements at the input and output of a drive, allowing accurate efficiency measurements under all load and speed conditions.
  • Power Integration / Standby: The power consumption of everyday home and office electrical appliances is of importance to consumers and generators of electricity alike. When the power consumption varies over time, then integration of the power ( W-h integration) is required. The PM6000 provides comprehensive integration features suitable for Energy Star measurements and for lowpower measurements in accordance with international directives, eg. IEC 62301 which also requires crest factor measurements up to 8 and 50 harmonics.
  • Harmonics(IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-4-7) and Flicker (IEC 61000-3-3 and IEC 61000-4-15): Voltech continues to be a leader in producing power analyzers that meet the ever changing needs of today’s world. A mandatory measurement for products in Europe and many other countries, the IEC standards define specific methods for testing current harmonics and flicker (voltage changes). The PM6000 and its easy-to-use software provide design engineers and EMC test laboratories with a comprehensive suite of measurements and reports that fully comply with the latest standards.

Why the PM6000? There is a constant consumer and legislative pressure to design electrical products that are more efficient, power electronics designers use more and more  sophisticated control methods and increases in switching frequency to achieve this. Therefore more sophisticated, more accurate and higher bandwidth power measurements are required to validate and test power electronic designs. The Voltech PM6000 has been designed especially to meet the needs of today’s design and test engineers by providing greater flexibility and bandwidth at high accuracy.

Voltech PM6000 Features:

  • Up to 6 wattmeter channels
  • 0.02% basic accuracy for definitive power loss and efficiency measurements
  • Sampling at 40MHz (5MHz minimum) for error-free results
  • Outstanding rejection of common-mode signals for accuracy in all applications
  • A bright color display and intuitive menu system for ease of use
  • Connectivity: RS232, Printer, Ethernet, USB

Measurements Include:

  • W: Real or True Power in Watts
  • Vrms: True rms Voltage
  • Arms: True rms Amps
  • Freq: Frequency
  • PF: Power Factor
  • VA: Apparent Power
  • VAr: Reactive Volt-Amperes
  • f: Fundamental or 1st harmonic
  • Harm: Harmonics of power, volts and amps
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion (with options for different formulae)
  • Pk: Voltage and current peak
  • CF: Voltage and current crest factor (pk / rms)
  • Z: Impedance
  • Vrmn: Rectified mean voltage
  • Armn: Rectified mean current
  • Max / Min: Holds Maximum and Minimum values ideal for Inrush testing
  • Math: The math menu can be used to calculate efficiency from channel to channel or to make complex calculations such as transformer k factors
  • Integrator: For W-h consumption of electrical appliances and low-power standby measurements
  • Datalog: Log of all measurements to memory, optional hard disk or floppy in a spreadsheet compatible file

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Configure Your Voltech PM6000:

  • PM6000 Chassis
  • Hard Disk Drive (Optional
  • 1A Shunts – 1A rms, 5Apk precision measuring shunt with calibration stored in EEPROM. (Bandwidth 10MHz)
  • 30A Shunts – 30A rms, 200Apk precision measuring shunt with calibration stored in EEPROM. (Bandwidth 1MHz)
  • Accessories:
    • CL100 – 100A:1A Clamp-on Current Transformer (Accuracy better than 1%)
    • CL1000 – 1000A:1A  Clamp-on Current Transformers (Accuracy better than 1%)
    • CT1000 – Dual Ratio Precision Current Transformer (Accuracy ± 0.2%)
      • Frequency range: 45Hz to 1kHz
      • Current range: 100:1 ratio: 10A to 120A rms 1000:1 ratio: 100A to 1200A rms
      • Maximum input current: 1000A continuous 2000A for 1 hour
      • Phase error (23°C ± 5°C): Better than ± 0.1° at 50Hz
    • PS1000 – Inrush Solid-state switch for energizing loads (up to 200Apk) at either the peak or the zero crossing of AC voltage. Ideal for inrush current testing.
    • Ballast CT – Purposely designed for lighting applications, this device overcomes problems that are usually found when using conventional or Hall effect CTs.
      • Convenient: No need to feed cables through a CT core
      • Better than 1% accuracy: Trifilar wound toroidal core
      • 5kHz to 1MHz bandwidth
      • 5mA to 1A measurement range


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