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Voltech PM3000ACE Universal Power Analyzer

Voltech PM3000ACE Universal Power Analyzer

Product Documentation


The versatile Voltech PM3000ACE Universal Power Analyzer can be quickly configured to make reliable, accurate measurements in even the most demanding power electronics applications. Illustrated here by the VPAS software, all features except IEC 61000-3 are also available with a few simple keystrokes on the front panel.

Voltech PM3000ACE Applications:

  • Unique PWM motor drive mode locks onto wide range of fundamental frequencies from 0.1Hz to 1kHz. Total W, V, A, etc. measurements are made to the full 1MHz bandwidth. No data is lost.
  • Ballast mode quickly sets up the analyzer for measurements on the waveforms found in electronic ballasts and ultrasonics.
  • Power transformer test mode displays corrected power andk factors to IEC76 and IEEEC57.
  • Scale factors for current and voltage transformers/transducers and torque/speed inputs are quickly entered and stored.
  • Over 200 further functions and features quickly accessible.
  • Results available for all three phases plus SUM and neutral.
  • Harmonics of Volts and Amps, including accurate harmonic phase for computation of Watts harmonicProductss and inverse DFT waveform (VPAS).
  • Waveform datalog and harmonic barcharts shown in software.
  • Cycle-by-cycle capture of RMS data for start-up and other transient conditions.
  • Timed datalog of results.

Voltech PM3000ACE Features:

  • Single and three-phase models
  • Intuitive front-panel or Windows software operation.
  • High 0.05% basic accuracy.
  • Wide bandwidth measurements, DC and 0.1Hz to 1MHz.
  • Measures W, V, A, VA, Var, power factor, Cos, Vpk, Apk, crest factors, frequency and inrush current.
  • Harmonics of V, A (incl. phase) and W to the 99th. THD.
  • Integrator for W-hr, VA-hr, A-hr, VA-hr, average and target PF.
  • Crest factors up to 20.
  • Accurate on distorted waveforms and at low power factors.
  • VPAS PC software for set-up, data storage and handling.
  • IEC61000-3 Windows software for full or pre-compliance testing.
  • All interfaces fitted as standard. (See back page for model options).
  • All instruments supplied with test leads, user manual and certificate of calibration and conformance traceable to international standards.
  • Range of accessories includes current clamps and transformers, PS1000 switch for inrush measurements and Ballast CT for electronic ballast testing.

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Configure Your Voltech PM3000ACE:

  • PM3000ACE-001 Fitted with Torque and Speed Inputs
  • PM3000ACE-002 Single Phase for Full-compliance IEC61000-3 Testing
  • PM3000ACE-002 Three Phase for Full-compliance IEC61000-3 Testing
  • IMP555 Impedance Network for Full-compliance IEC61000-3 Testing
  • Accessories:
    • PS1000 Switch for Inrush Testing
    • Ballast CT for HF Electronic Lighting Applications
    • CL100 100:1 Clamp-on Current Transformer
    • CL1000 1000:1 Clamp-on Current Transformer
    • CL3000 3000:1 Clamp-on Current Transformer
    • CT1000 Precision Dual-ratio 1000/100:1 Current Transformer
  • Software:
    • VPAS General-purpose Software
    • IEC61000-3 Software


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