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Tektronix AWG5014C 4 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 1.2 GS/s

Tektronix AWG5014C 4 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 1.2 GS/s


Tektronix AWG5014C 4  With 14 Bit vertical resolution up to 1.2 GS/s, 4 analog, and 32 digital channel outputs, the AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator is the ideal solution for versatile mixed signal generation. The AWG5000 Series gives you a unique combination of analog and digital output performance allowing you to generate analog and digital IQ, as well as IF signals in a single instrument. With the addition of advance sequencing and dynamic jump capability, extremely complex waveforms can easily be created to more closely simulate real world environments.


Features of  Tektronix AWG5014C 4;

  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Analog Bandwidth: Up to 300 MHz
  • Output Frequency: 480 MHz
  • Record Length: 16M point per channel, 32M with option 01
  • Max Sample Rate: 1.2 GS/s
  • Vertical Resolution: 14 bits
  • High-resolution Wireless Communications and Defense Electronics
  • Education and Research
  • ADC/DAC Testing
  • Mixed-signal Design and Test
  • Real-world, Ideal, or Distorted Signal Generation – Including all the Glitches, Anomalies, and Impairments
  • System Synchronization and Timing Control for Large-scale Test Systems


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