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Rohde & Schwarz – UPV Audio Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz – UPV Audio Analyzer


With its Audio Analyzer R&S UPV, Rohde & Schwarz now offers a compact instrument for virtually all analog and digital audio measurements. To name just a few highlights, the analyzer features digital audio interfaces with sampling rates up to 192 kHz, extended measurement bandwidths, and powerful analysis functions. It is capable of performing multiple measurements with the results presented as informative graphics. The audio analyzer comes with a built-in PC. It is operated via an intuitive Windows user interface. The R&S UPV performs all key measurements that occur in the audio world. Several measurement functions can be performed and displayed simultaneously with analyses carried out as true dual-channel measurements. Further highlights include comprehensive FFT analysis covering up to 256-k points and a measurement bandwidth of up to 250 kHz. The generator provides sinusoidal signals of up to 200 kHz as well as any other desired signals. Filters can be activated for both the generator and the analyzer. The instrument features an FFT noise floor below -140 dB for analog measurements and a dynamic range wider than 170 dB for digital measurements. For those digital measurements, the R&S UPV features an AES/EBU interface with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. Additional audio interfaces (e.g., an I2S interface) can easily be installed. As a compact unit with an integrated PC and monitor, the R&S UPV is equipped with all of the important interfaces including a LAN interface and four USB connectors. The instrument is operated via an intuitive Windows user interface either from the front panel or via the keyboard and mouse. The WindowsXP operating system supports the relevant graphic display modes. For example, several measurement diagrams can be displayed simultaneously with selectable size and scaling.


Key Facts

  • Suitable for all interfaces
    (analog, digital and combined)
  • Simultaneous display of multiple measurement functions
  • Sampling rate up to 400 kHz
  • User-programmable filters for analyzers and generators
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC
  • Slots for future options

Features & Benefits

  • All test signals and measurement functions in a single box
    • Generation of a wide variety of analog and – by using the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options – digital test signals
    • Extensive measurement capabilities, on analog and also – when the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options are installed –digital interfaces
    • Efficient as well as multichannel FFT analysis with a resolution down to the mHz range
    • User-programmable filters can be adapted to the measurement task at hand in only a few seconds
    • Everything included, no peripherals required




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