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Keysight (Agilent/HP) 54753A Single Ended TDR/TDT Plug-In Module

Keysight (Agilent/HP) 54753A Single Ended TDR/TDT Plug-In Module


Features and Specifications of Keysight (Agilent/HP) 54753A:

One 18 GHz electrical channel with 3.5 mm male input

  • Built-in step generator configurable for 1-port TDR or TDT measurements


Direct Rambus™ is a high-speed digital bus that requires circuit board traces that are designed to function in a controlled impedance  environment of 28 ohms. This two byte wide bus double pumps a 400 MHz clock to enable data transfer on both the rising and falling clock edges. Assuming 100% utilization of the data bus, the peak bandwidth is a blazing 1.6 Gbytes per second. For high bandwidth applications like Rambus, the traditional logic analysis measurement technique now needs to be complemented with a signal integrity measurement tool. Because of it’s intuitive nature, Time Domain Reflecto- Rambus is a registered trademark of Rambus Inc.

Direct Rambus is a trademark of Rambus Inc. metry (TDR) is the tool of choice for digital design engineers today. The TDR oscilloscope  easures
impedance verses distance (or time). Highly accurate impedance measurements require a TDR calibration that sets the reference plane at the
device under test’s (DUT) input. To address the most demanding impedance profile measurements, the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA allows the user to set this reference plane at the probe tip. By using the Agilent N1020A TDR probe kit, a special calibration adapter enables a
precision 50-ohm air dielectric termination and SMA short to be connected to the probe tip.

Enhanced Accuracy When attaching any test instrumentation to a DUT, the test fixturing utilized always affects the measurement in some
fashion. TDR test fixturing is no exception. Whether probing or launching from an SMA connector, there are anomalies and impedance discontinuities located within the test fixture which inherently contribute to measurement error. With a TDR measurement, this is directly
translated into error in the impedance value. The Direct Rambus microstrip trace needs to be maintained to 28 ohms ±2.8 ohms. Enhancement
of standard TDR waveforms is needed to ensure compliance to this standard along the complete length of the RAMBUS channel.

The Rambus TDR set up includes the following equipment:

  • Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA
  • Agilent 54754A Differential TDR Plug-in Module
  • Agilent N1020A TDR Probe Kit
  •  Agilent 909D Precision 50 Ohm Termination, APC 3.5 male
  •  Agilent 1250-2128 Precision Short, APC 3.5 male
  •  28 Ohm Airline–Maury Microwave PN 2603Q2


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