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Kaelus iQA-1921C Dual band PCS/AWS PIM Tester

Kaelus iQA-1921C Dual band PCS/AWS PIM Tester


The Kaelus iQA-1921C Dual band PCS/AWS PIM Tester is a feature rich, high power PIM test solution. This field proven analyzer enables network operators to improve siteperformance by finding and eliminating sources of passive intermodulation in the RF path. The design includes an integrated panel PC with intuitive touch screen interface for performing tests and generating site reports. This version of the iQA ships from the factory enabled to support Range to Fault (RTF) technology: with the purchase of an optional RTF module, operators are able to activate RTF mode within the iQA user software to accurately measure the distance to return loss faults as well as the distance to PIM faults at the cell site. RTF module sold separately.

Kaelus iQA-1921C Features:

  • Rugged, reliable construction suitable for field use
  • Fully configurable frequencies, powers and IM products
  • Integrated polycarbonate transit case
  • Simple to operate touch screen interface
  • Range to Fault (RTF) enabled
  • Spectrum monitor, frequency sweep and time trace modes

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Kaelus iQA-1921C Specifications:

  • Measurement method: Reverse (reflected) PIM, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th order
  • Residual PIM: < -115dBm/-158dBc max (<-125dBm/-168dBc typ) (x2 @ 20W)
  • User interface ports: 3x USB, x1 LAN, 1x RF output (7-16 DIN female), 1x monitor port (N female)
  • Display: 8.4in (213mm) touch screen display
  • Transmit frequencies: 1930-1990MHz/2110-2155MHz
    • Frequency increment: 50 kHz
    • Frequency accuracy: ± 5ppm (max), aging ± 1ppm (max) after first year
    • Power per tone (adjustable): 2x 2 to 20W (+33 to +43dBm)
    • Power accuracy (per tone): ± 0.5dB (max)
  • Receive band (50kHz steps): 1710-1755MHz/1850-1910MHz
    • Measurement noise floor: < -128dBm
    • Measurement range: -50dBm to -128dBm


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