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Instek GDS-3254-DS3PWR 250MHz, 4 CH, Visual Persistence DSO

Instek GDS-3254-DS3PWR 250MHz, 4 CH, Visual Persistence DSO



The GDS-3254 Series digital storage oscilloscope is a full-featured and powerful tool that allows you to tackle complex measurement issues with ease. The GDS-3000 Series, carrying a maximum bandwidth of 350MHz, is equipped with a real-time sampling rate up to 5GSa/s and an equivalent-time sampling rate of 100GSa/s. The large 8-inch SVGA TFT LCD screen, combined with the advanced digital signal processing technology VPO, provides meticulous detail and clarity for the displayed waveforms. The GDS-3152 gives you confidence not to miss any part of the test signal in the product verification and debugging stages and allows you to speed up your task without hesitation.

GDS-3254 series oscilloscopes offers a split-screen allowing each input channel to be operated independently with respective setting and waveform display. This provides users flexibility to use as a multi-scope-in-one. Other features include; real time 2.5GSa/s or 5GSa/s sampling and visual persistence oscilloscope (VPO) technology, displays waveforms truthfully and captures less-frequently-occurred signals, like glitches or runts, simultaneously without missing any spot of waveform information. 100GSa/s ET sampling rate (10ps pt-pt resolution) is provided to accurately reconstruct repetitive waveforms avoiding software interpolation distortion. Real-time sampling combined with a good variety of trigger selections enable the capture of fast and complex signals and display waveforms with sinc interpolation. 8″ LCD with SVGA (800 x 600) resolution providing an ample display space to accommodate multiple waveform signals, on screen menu, setting status and associated measurement information, giving all-at-a-glance convenience.


Product Features:

  • 2 Channels, 150 MHz Bandwidth
  • Dual sampling mode: 2.5 GSa/s Real-time sampling rate & 100 GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
  • 25k points Memory for each input channel
  • VPO (Visual Persistence Oscilloscope) Technology to Display Less-Frequently-Appeared Signals
  • 8″ 800 x 600 High Resolution TFT LCD Display
  • Unique Split Screen System with Independent Setting for Each Signal Channel
  • Three Input Impedance Selection: 50Ω/75Ω/1MΩ
  • Frequency Range/ Bandwith 150 MHz
  • Max. Vertical Sensitivity 5 V/div
  • Min. Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div
  • Number of Channels 2 CH
  • Other Features Color – GPIB (optional)
  • Record Length 25k/CH
  • Sample Rate 1 GSa/s
  • Type (D/A) Digital




Analog: No
Bandwidth: 150MHz
Channels: 2
Cursor Measurement: Voltage difference between cursors ( ΔV) Time difference between cursors ( ΔT)
Digital: Yes
Input Coupling: AC, DC, GND
Max Input Voltage: @ 1MΩ 300V (DC+AC Peak), CAT I @ 50/75Ω 5 VRMS max, CAT I
Resolution: 800 x 600
Sample Rate Per Channel: 2.5GSa/s
Trigger Coupling: AC, DC, LF rej., Hf rej., Noise rej.
Trigger Modes: Auto (supports Roll Mode for 100 ms/div and slower), Normal, Single
Trigger Source: CH1, CH2, Line, EXT
Vertical Resolution: @ 1MΩ 2mV~5V/div @ 50/75Ω 2mV~1V/div










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