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Astro-Med Everest X Telemetry Data Recorder, 32 Channels

Astro-Med Everest X Telemetry Data Recorder, 32 Channels

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The Astro-Med Everest X Telemetry Data Recorder is a powerful recording platform that bridges the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s needs. With features such as a built-in waveform display, moving pen tip simulation and strip chart recorder for real-time data printing, it addresses the unique requirements of pen recorder users. At the same time, innovations such as a touch-panel user interface and Virtual Chart data storage system make it ideal for the next generation telemetry room. In fact, the Astro-Med Everest X is so much more than a data recorder, we call it a Telemetry Recorder-Workstation.

Features of the Astro-Med Everest X:

  • Color, touch-screen display with pen tip simulation for real-time data viewing
  • 32 analog or digital inputs for connection to any decomm system
  • Virtual Chart® hard drive for storing an entire mission in one file
  • Look-back capability for reviewing data during recording
  • Ethernet interface for command and control
  • High Resolution, high speed, real-time strip chart recorder

If you need to view critical data in real-time, the built-in display of the Everest X is designed for you. Data can be displayed in any format, and channels can even be displayed in 16 different colors so you can easily track an important event. The unique highlight feature allows data to be quickly marked with a note by a touch of the screen.

No two telemetry rooms are the same. That’s why inputs on the Astro-Med Everest X were designed to be versatile enough to handle all of your needs, no matter what they are. For traditional analog inputs, the Everest offers the option of up to 32 channels of differential voltage inputs. To simplify connection to your DACs, built-in auto-ranging allows the Everest X to automatically scale your input signal. And if you need to filter unwanted noise or other signals, Digital Signal Processors can be programmed for almost any filter.

If you’re like most facilities, you have considered going directly digital for your telemetry recording. The DI-EV Ethernet Digital Input Option for the Everest X, with its compressed data transmittal format, makes transferring digital data simple. Imagine never having to worry about analog data again! Any code developed using the Everest X digital data protocol can be leveraged for use with our Real-Chart Network Printer and VDiS Visual Display Software.

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