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ADVANTEST Q7607 Optical Chirp Test Set

ADVANTEST Q7607 Optical Chirp Test Set

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Information carrying networks are changing rapidly due to enhanced technologies that increase transmission rates for optical communication systems. Especially for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission systems, Research and Development  of components requires new instruments to meet increasing test needs such as testing for dynamic chirp. Therefore ADVANTEST developed the Q7607 Optical Chirp Test Set. Together with a Advantest D3186 Pulse-Pattern Generator, a digital sampling oscilloscope, and a personal computer, the Q7607 conveniently evaluates signal chirp of optical modulators and laser diodes.

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Automatic Polarisation Adjustment

The Advantest Q7607 has an automatic polarisation adjustment that facilitates fully automated high-speed and high-accuracy measurements.

Built-in Optical Amplifier (Q7607) Option 10

The Advantest  Q7607 comes with a built-in optical amplifier that conditions the output signal for unamplified high-bandwidth O/E converters. This Option automatically controls the amplifier gain, which improves both measurement accuracy and S/N ratio measurements.


Quick Time-Domain Chirp Measurements: 30 seconds or less

Until now, no simple and easy to use method existed to measure dynamic optical chirp. With the Q7607, ADVANTEST makes dynamic chirp measurements a simple and easy process by automatically separating the frequency-modulation (FM) and intensity-modulation (IM) components with a Mach-Zender Interferometer (Conventional methods using spectral diffraction take 20 minutes or more for chirp measurement). Q7607 allows the user to measure dynamic chirp in 30 seconds or less.


The Advantest Q7607 provides chirp data with approximately 20 MHz resolution or better.

Wide-Measurement FSR

The Advantest Q7607 provides a FSR (free spectral range) of 300 GHz. This allows the Q7607 to measure transmission signals up to 50 Gbit./s

Simple Operation

The user can measure and display chirp using almost any personal computer. Advantest provides an operation software free of charge which allows a comfortable chirp measurement on the PC.

Performance Specifications:

Wavelength measurement range:

  • Q7607; 1510 to 1610 nm
  • Q7607+10; 1530 to 1610 nm

Optical input power range:

  • -10 to 10 dBm

Frequency conversion accuracy:

  • within ±15%

FM demodulation coefficient (50 G/10 G):

  • P x 0.021/GHz / P x 0.042/GHz

Free Spectral Range (50 G/10 G):

  • 300 GHz ±15 GHz / 150 GHz ±15 GHz

Demodulation band width (50 G/10 G):

  • 100 Hz to 100 GHz / 100 Hz to 50 GHz

Deviation of demodulation frequency (50 G/10 G):

  • 135 GHzpp or less / 65 GHzpp or less

Insertion loss:

  • Q7607; 13 dB or less

Optical output power:

  • Q7607+10; -3 to 0 dBm

Input light polarization compensation:

  • Automatically controlled

Input/Output Specifications:

Optical input/output:

  • FC/PC connector(changeable to SC or ST type)


  • In accordance with IEEE488-1978

Optical remote interlock:

  • BNC connector (for OPT7607+10/10A)

General Specifications:

Operating environment:

  • Ambient temperature; 0 to +40°C
  • Relative humidity; 85% max. (no condensation)

Storage environment:

  • Ambient temperature; -20 to +60°C
  • Relative humidity; 90% max. (no condensation)

Power supply:

  • AC100–120 V, AC220–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA or less
  • Automatic switching between the 100 and 200 V systems


  • Approx. 132 (H) x 424 (W) x 500 (D) mm (Approx. 5.2 (H) x 16.7 (W) x 19.7 (D) in.)


  • 13 kg (28.7 lbs) or less